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Aaron Siskind
1903-1991, New York

The preeminent role attributed to aaron Siskind in American photography is due not only to the originality of his work, very much part of the new post-war artistic scene, but also to the fundamental contribution that he made in the field of photography teaching. Born into a Jewish family of Russian immigrants, he approached photography only in 1929 when he was given his first camera as a wedding present. Become member of the Workers Film and Photo League, one of the most active and prolific of the city, he found an intense source of creative stimulation, and collaborated on sociological works documenting the everyday lives of the working classes and the city’s poorest communities. However, it is from 1940s that Siskind began a radical artistic evolution: he started to examine the aesthetic value of the image, experimenting with a creative and spontaneous form of photography bereft of any narrative intent. The subjects are apparently insignificant; everyday objects, urban walls and other surfaces, natural elements, isolated portion of reality makig up an infinite universe of research through a set of signs and primitive forms which the artist would turn into geometric compositions with heavily metaphorical overones. While remaining true to the “straight” style which came across in his early work, Siskind’s photogrpahs now revealed previously unexplored levels of meaning from right within the image itslef, capable of indipendent expressive force.

Lands of Men

Palazzo Gromo Losa, Biella

27 ottobre 2017 - 7 gennaio 2018

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10 years old

2007-2017: a history of the world told through the images of the Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Modena Collection

March 11 - April 30, 2017

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Flags of America

CIAC, Foligno

19 marzo - 10 luglio 2016

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Flags of America

The major American authors of 1940s/1970s

15th December | 7th April 2013

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Aaron Siskind
Badlands (S.D.) 60, 1970
silver gelatin print
31 x 36,5 cm
© Aaron Siskind Foundation