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Angelica Porrari
1985, Modena

Gloves’ stories is the title of a long serial project that Angelica Porrari has been developing since 2007.
The leitmotif of the work – developed through a series of video installations – is the image of the body, particularly the female body, and the presence of a glove as the recurrent element, at times the sole protagonist of the videos, at other times a supporting element in the mis-en-scène, a symbolic representation of human existence. Through a skilful construction of the scene, the artist creates situations with a strong visual impact, in which the narrative framework is minimal and the spectator is drawn into an intense, almost cathartic emotional stream. The latest chapter, In fl orem mutabitur, draws inspiration from the myth of Adonis as found in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The double image projected represents the moment of transformation following the death of the young man, when the drops of his blood turn into the red fl owers of the anemone, leaving
a distraught Venus to cry over the fate of her beloved.

International Departures 2011

Gate 11, Special, Air

18th June | 31st July 2011

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Angelica Porrari
In Florem Mutabitur, 2010
from the series “Gloves’ Stories”
two channel video projection
3’25’’ and 4’28’’
© the artist