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Anna Pavone
1989, Sassuolo (MO)

After having studied Graphic Communication at the art institute in Modena, Anna Pavone has attended the MFA in Imaging Arts-Photography of Fondazione Fotografia Modena. Using video and photography, her research often explores the different expressions of human frailty.

The video Things I love I’m allowed to keep (2014) reflects on the act of taking care. In the video we see man’s hands as they dry delicate little yellow flowers. An apparently pointless scene which gains a symbolic value: it’s the smallest and most discrete estures that have the gratest resonance. The video sets out to discuss this and this briefly yet heartfelt action; it speaks of the care experienced as a need, perceived as an urgency, like an essential little rite, and absolutely universal experience not exclusively female.

To this end, a quote from the TV series Call the Midwife is relevant to the artist: “The world is full of love that goes unspoken. It doesn’t mean that it is felt less deeply or that separation leaves a cleaner wound. Its be- auty… and its pain are in its silence. Some of us are not blessed with revelations or confessions. Love cannot be spoken, only shown. And everything that makes the heart beat must be hushed.

The Summer Show 2014


12th June | 29 th June 2014

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The Summer Show 2013


4th July | 14th July 2013

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Anna Pavone
Things I love I’m allowed to keep, 2014
video, colour, sound
© the artist