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Harry Callahan
1912-1992, Detroit

Harry Callahan is considered on of the great innovators of modern photography.
Following the activities of the Detroit Photo Guild, in 1941 he took part in a workshop held by Ansel Adams. During the course Adams presented, in addition to his photographs, those of Alfred Stieglitz, which struck Callahan deeply, persuading him to transform his pastime of photography into a life project. The determination and the curiosity to experiment with techniques and approaches, both during the shooting and printing stages, made his work develop so rapidly that when he presented his portfolio to Stieglitz five years later, it was met with his wholehearted enthusiasm.
In 1946 László Moholy-Nagy, the founder and the director of the Institute of Design of Chicago, offered to Callahan a chair in photography. Within the academia, he was to come face to face with the ideas of teh Bauhaus, as well as establishing relationships with colleagues such as the protographer Aaron Siskind, the architect Hugo Weber, and further developing his own body of works.
Between 1947 and 1960 he produced an extraordinary number of portraits featuring his wife Eleanor: either alone or in the company of their daughter Barbara, within the intimacy of home or in the open air, Callahan photographed Eleanor in a wide range of poses and settings, using all kinds of different equipments, techninques, and approaches. Although he looked upon photography as a medium to be applied first and foremost to one’s own life, and the people, streets and buildings that are part of it, in order to gain an ever deeper understanding of it, the images he took on his journeys through Europe and South America from the late 1950s onwards highlight the essential elengance of his style. Cuzco, Peru shows the sharpness of his gaze his careful management of light, shapes, the composition of images and the precision of his prints which would often be the upshot of his painstaking dakroom work.

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Harry Callahan

Cuzco, Peru, 1974
gelatin silver print
25 x 25,5 cm
© The Estate of Harry Callahan, Courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York