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Wynn Bullock
1902, Chicago

Wynn Bullock came into contact with the artistic avant-garde of the Twenties because of his numerous trips through Europe and to Paris. Greatly struck by the Impressionist and post-Impressionist studies into the plasticity of light and its ability to influence the perception of reality, he discovered a passion for photography trough the work of Man Ray and László Moholy-Nagy.
Returned to the United States, and settled in California, his meeting with Edward Weston marked a decisive moment in the development of his way of taking photographs, leading Bullock towards new espressive horizons. He began to look on photography as something that goes beyond the object represented, a communication bridge between the inner world of ideas and the outer world of nature. His artistic thought, which was to be re-elaborated over the following thirty years, came to take the semblance of an outright philosophy, in which the image is merely a medium through which to investigate the most mysterious and spiritual aspects of existence.: his photographs, penetrating and enigmatic, serve as visual metaphors of broader ideas, such as the passing of time or the inevitability of death.

Lands of Men

Palazzo Gromo Losa, Biella

27 ottobre 2017 - 7 gennaio 2018

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10 years old

2007-2017: a history of the world told through the images of the Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Modena Collection

March 11 - April 30, 2017

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Flags of America

CIAC, Foligno

19 marzo - 10 luglio 2016

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Flags of America

The major American authors of 1940s/1970s

15th December | 7th April 2013

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Wynn Bullock

Rock and Limpets, 1969
gelatin silver print
24 x 19,5 cm
© 1969/2012 Bullock Family Photography LLC