Photography collection services

Closely linked to its storage activities, there are also those of the conservation, restoration and cataloguing that the Fondazione Fotografia Modena carries out internally with its own specialised staff.

These services are of fundamental importance for conserving and valorising both the historical and contemporary photographic collections, and have also been made accessible for use by public and private bodies through the stipulation of special conventions.

CATALOGUING The Fondazione Fotografia Modena follows all the study phases of the photo sets – from the inventory creation to the digitalisation and cataloguing stages – following the ‘scheda F’ (photography) ministerial filing standards. The files, which match the data with the digital reproduction of the image, are all made available for consultation directly from the Fondazione website, or on that of the partner organisation, thus facilitating the research process also for non-specialists.

CONSERVATION All the photographs, both contemporary and historical, both owned by or deposited with the Fondazione Fotografia Modena, are conserved according to the ministerial standards, in acclimatised archives with temperature and humidity control. Yet conditioning is only one of the procedures carried out for conservation purposes: there are also the climate and lighting control of exhibition venues, as well as the preparation photographs for exhibition (protective passe-partout frames, packaging and condition reports) or the cleaning of images and insertion into protective wrapping suitable for storage.

RESTORATION The Fondazione Fotografia Modena carries out its own service, also available to the public, of restoring photographic originals (both negatives and e positives) that require cleaning, consolidation and levelling, in order to create the ideal conditions for the conservational stability of the article.

DONATIONS AND DEPOSITS Through donations and deposit agreements, it is possible to have one’s photographs placed within the acclimatised archives of the Fondazione Fotografia Modena, as well as having them catalogued, thus making them available for consultation both in-house and through the website of the Fondazione or that of the proprietor of the images. In this way, the ideal conservation of photographic material is guaranteed and, if so desired, its consultation by a far broader usership.

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