Born in Nuoro, he grew up between Orani and Ottana, in the center of Sardinia. Lives and works in Europe.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He uses different languages, including, performance, photography, video, drawing, often creating a sort of interaction among them. He worked on site specific performances and installations, always looking for the interaction with the context, be it human (public) and environmental (space). His research aims to relate image and imagination, fact and fiction, memory and modernity, conflict and integration, material and immaterial.

He has exhibited in different spaces for the arts both in Italy and abroad.

Among his solo exhibitions: Lo stato delle cose 16a Quadriennale Rome; My house is a Le Corbusier (Casa Curutchet) La Plata; The Cave Musei Civici (Cartec – Cava Arte Contemporanea) Cagliari; My house is a Le Corbusier (Appartement 50 – Unité d’habitation) Marseille; Godless Ex/elettrofonica Rome; My house is a Le Corbusier (Studio-Apartment) Paris; Cutter Rita Urso Artopia Gallery Milan; My house is a Le Corbusier (Esprit Nouveau Pavillon) Bologna; Broken English MAN-Art Museum of the Province of Nuoro; Cutter Musée historique et des porcelaines Nyon; CROSS OVER Foundation Biagiotti Art Project Florence; DK Art Fall 09 PAC Ferrara.


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19 - 21 maggio 2017