1942, Chiavari (GE)

Since the ’60s he has been creating eclectic works characterized by a research freedom that involves graphic arts, photography, video experience and installations.  Among the first ones of his generation in Italy, he applies the culture of project and he combines it with the experimentation of visual languages, giving to the function of the photographic medium the opposite value than the one of confirmation of the truthfulness of the real. From the end of the ’60s and the next decades, the analytical abilities of the visual perception, of the structure and phenomenology of the artistic thought, gained through the Corso Superiore di Industrial Design of Venice, always confront themselves with the experience of the fieldwork.

In 1968-1969 he works between Rome, Milan and Paris. In Rome, he creates two photographic strips dealing with contents of sociopolitical protest, a series of urban performances. In Milan, he produces the first photographic installation in Europe, at Galleria Il Diaframma, where he sets up a thousand transparent cylinders that contained a thousand transparent photographic images, as a symbol of the consumerism of that time, in the name of the dualism between wealth and poverty.

In 1979 the book Misurazioni is published as the conclusion of the experimental project of the laboratory-school of artistic education between art, multimedia and design, created for the Regione Basilicata. This experience drives him towards the teaching activity, that, starting from the ’70s, becomes a fundamental part of his work as an author.

Between 1999 and 2000, as director of Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti in Bergamo, he integrates in his innovative inter-disciplinary program many cultural events dedicated young artists, such as Arte & Impresa, Clorofilla and Accademie in Europa, in collaboration with Vittorio Fagone and the GAMEC of Bergamo. After this complex cultural experience, he goes back to his work as author.

The themes and experimentations developed in his works during the years are various: from shifts of th meanings, to variations; from analogies to the relationship with landscape and the places of art, as in the site specific artworks that belong to the artistic researches of the last years.

From 2005 he intensifies his artistic activities, detaching himself from the idea of photography as an end in itself, with the intent of making the theoretical and practical renewal of the image (that involves different disciplines and knowledges) more readable through experimentation. As a teacher, he lectures courses such as Teoria e metodo della fotografia at the Politecnico of Milan, at ISIA in Urbino, at Orientale of Naples, at the Facoltà di Lettere in Parma, at IED and NABA of Milan; from 2004 to 2011, he teaches at the two-year specialized course in Photography at Accademia di Brera in Milan.

For many years, he has been visiting professor at the École d’Arts Appliqués of Vevey (CH).


Mario Cresci


5-6-7 aprile 2019

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Workshop con Mario Cresci
24 | 26 gennaio 2014

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Il rapporto tra grafica e fotografia. Workshop con Mario Cresci