Paolo Terzi begins his activity in the field of cultural heritage in 1982, when, as a photographer, he becomes part of the staff for a firm specialized in photogrammetric reliefs. This job makes him realize photographic campaigns of monuments and artifacts in all Italy. The archeological sites of Ercolano and Pompei, the Colosseo and Villa Borghese in Rome, the Cathedral of Siracusa, the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, the Neonian baptistery in Ravenna, the Dome of Orvieto and the one of Cremona are some of the major campaigns done in the those years. Since 1992 he works as a professional photographer focusing his activity on the documentation and reproduction of works belonging to ancient, modern and contemporary art and on documenting archeological sites. He works with Government entities, art historians, galleries, private and public museums, publishing houses, restorers, artists and collectors. In addition to having given images to numerous catalogues and art books, he collaborated with the famous art magazine FMR, where several of his works can be found. In 2005, inside the developing program of ONU (Cuba), he was called to document the frescos of “La Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores” in Bayamo. In June 2008, in Turkey he realized the photographic documentation of the restoration of the clock tower of Dolmabahçe Palace of Istanbul. In 2009 he realized the photographic campaign on the sculpture groups of Begarelli and Mazzoni for the exhibition “Emozioni in Terracotta”. At present he is making the photographic campaign for the catalogue of an exhibition about the sculpture of Bologna of XVIII century.


Paolo Terzi