Vittorio Iervese is a researcher at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where he lectures Sociology of Cultural Processes and Theory and Method of Cultural Promotion. After having graduated in Sociology of Communication, he worked in the field of audiovisual production for the Nickelodeon Germany broadcasting and for the BBC (Euroconnecion- awarded best European production 2000). In addition, he worked on videoart and cinema, participating to laboratories with authors such as Robert Cahén, Nam June Paik and Gianni Amelio.

After having obtained a specialization scholarship at the University of Bremen (Germany), he took a Master in Communication and Media and, in 2003, took his doctorate in Sociology of Communication and Media at the University of Florence, developing a research method based on the use of audiovisual. The technique of video observations, experimented and consolidated with a team coordinated by professor Claudio Baraldi, has been successfully used in research and published in several scientific publications.

Vittorio Iervese is also involved in the planning and administration of cultural initiatives. At present he is member of the committee responsible for the selection at the Festival dei Popoli and collaborates with the ONG Oxfam for the devising and carrying out of socio-cultural interventions in the Middle East.


Vittorio Iervese