High PROfile

all the secret of professional photography



High PROfile

All the secrets of professional photography

The course is aimed at those who wish to develop the necessary skills to make a genuine profession out of photography: the goal of the course is to train professional figures to that they may operate at their ease in the various fields of commercial photography.

Starting from theoretical lessons in which the mainstays of photographic culture are examined, touching on the principal foundations of basic technique, the one-year course sets out to investigate the various specific aspects of photography as a profession along parallel yet complementary paths: from fashion and advertising photography to reportage, from architectural photography to the use of video technology, without overlooking the modern-day roles played by the figure of the photographer, such as that for events and the use of photographic imagery in new media.

Special attention is also given to post-production, to the presentation and promotion of your own work, along with the copyright protection of your images.

In the first part of the year, from January to June, lessons are held full time, from Monday to Thursday. Alongside the hours of lessons, major space is also given over to the development of works prepared during the course. Instead, from October to December, weekend workshops are held focusing on specific aspects: allowing participants to fine-tune the skills they have acquired.

Over the course of the year, the students have the chance to take part in specific projects promoted by the Fondazione Fotografia Modena as well as other institutions, thereby putting the notions learnt into practice. Once the course has been completed, the participants will be able to present their honed professional skills to the market.

For any information and application

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In short

START: 26 January
DURATION: 1 year
PARTICIPANTS: min 10 max 20

INSCRIPTIONS: within 15th of January
LANGUAGE: italian, english
PRICE: € 6.900 + vat (payable in four instalments)
Master sull’Immagine contemporanea: agevolazioni per studenti e neolaureati fino al 30 maggio
Premio Davide Vignali, il 4 novembre si inaugura la mostra dei vincitori
Il mondo alla rovescia

Laboratorio per bambini dai 6 ai 10 anni

Workshop fotografici ai Musei San Domenico di Forlì

Tre appuntamenti promossi in occasione della mostra dedicata ad Elliott Erwitt

La valigia delle immagini perdute

Laboratorio per bambini da 6 a 10 anni

Il biellese Tommaso Valli selezionato per il master di Fondazione Fotografia

Il giovane fotografo frequenterà gratuitamente il corso grazie ad una convenzione stipulata tra le fondazioni di Modena e Biella

Le opere di tre studentesse del master entrano nella collezione di fotografia della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena

Selezionati i lavori di Giulia Di Michele, Alice Mazzarella e Sara Vighi, attualmente esposti all’interno della mostra The Summer Show 2017

A Linda Malavolti dell’istituto Strocchi Persolino di Faenza il Premio Davide Vignali 2017

Premio Venturi alla modenese Diletta Chiodi

I nostri studenti in vetta al Crinale

Dal 13 luglio al 6 agosto torna al Foro Boario di Modena The Summer Show

Master di alta formazione sull’immagine contemporanea

Il nostro percorso formativo nato per sviluppare nuove figure artistiche nell’ambito della fotografia e del video