27th November | 13th March 2011

Breaking News

Breaking News

Contemporary photography from the Middle East and Africa

The third volume in the series dedicated to the international collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena, Breaking News is presented as a journey from Africa and the Middle East, from Iran to Palestine, from Morocco on down to South Africa.

Like breaking news flashes, the work of the twenty-one artists presented in the exhibition calls attention to pressing current issues in this part of the world, such as the exploitation of the Niger Delta, the situation in Iran, the Arab-Israeli conflict, or the new social imbalances in South Africa. Most of the images impose themselves on our minds with their power or raw violence, often with no need of commentary. The works in Breaking News guide us on our exploration of this part of the world, underscoring the multiplicity of critical issues affecting it, not least of which is its complex relationship with the West.

Ex Ospedale Sant’Agostino
Largo Porta Sant’Agostino, 228
41121 Modena, Italy

curated by
Filippo Maggia