19th February | 29th April 2012

North Tenth Parallel

North Tenth Parallel

Contemporary Photography from India and South America

After exploring the the Far East, the emerging growth of the Eastern Europe and the difficult zones of the Middle East and Africa, Fondazione Fotografia investigates other two important lands, even if seemingly distant from each other: the Indian subcontinent and South America.

With over one hundred works related to recent acquisitions – twenty-two artists from the collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena – the exhibition offers a background on the liveliest and most interesting artists of two geographical areas which are today undergoing a massive economic development and an incredible explosion from the artistic point of view.

The practices of Indian and South American are characterized by a pure feeling which puts the individual at the center of the world and have a close link to the relationships in the historical traditions, rituals, and heavy legacy of the colonial period, against a backdrop of nature which is as equally generous as it is ruthless. In most of the cases the photograph is still a practice direct and instinctive.

Although geographically poles apart, the two areas express similarities in this artistic confrontation and formal thematic: they deal with confidence issues that are often strong and painful, revealing the uncommon ability to return with extreme delicacy in the form of images, thoughts and emotions.
The works on display seem so able to dampen the artistic-cultural differences and reset the geographical distance between the two places: through them, India and South America meet each other ideally, where crossing the Tenth Parallel North.

The exhibition includes the works of  22 artists:
From India: Samanta Batra Metha, Nikhil Chopra, Priyanka Dasgupta, Amar Kanwar, Fariba Salma Alam, Ketaki Sheth, Sudarshan Shetty, Dayanita Singh, Raghubir Singh, Vivan Sundaram.
From Sudamerica: Claudia Andujar (Brasil), Adriana Bustos (Argentina), Luz Maria Bedoya (Perù), Matias Duville (Argentina), Laura Glusman (Argentina), Parco Pando (Perù), Ishmael Randall Weeks (Perù), Sara Ramo (Brasil), Rosângela Rennó (Brasil), Mauro Restiffe (Brasil), Sebastian Szyd (Argentina), David Zink Yi (Perù).


Sebastián Szyd
Margarita, Potosì, Bolivia, 2009
from the “Las flores y las piedras” series
gelatin silver print
24 x 30 cm
© the artist

Rosângela Rennó
Galeria Mestre Demontier, 2009
from the “Carrazeda + Cariri” series
polyptych: series of 18 photographs, gelatin silver prints painted with dry pastel chalks
40 x 30 cm each
© the artist

Marco Pando

El rey de las montanas
video, color, sound
5ʹ 34ʹʹ
© the artist

Priyanka Dasgupta

A Confession for Oscar, 2010

single channel video, loop, black and white, sound

1′ 59″
© the artist

Adriana Bustos

Lydia y su ilusión – Mascota y la ilusión de Lydia, 2011


lamba print
125 x 125 cm each
© the artist

Luz María Bedoya

Viaje a las Islas Hormiga, 2008

detail from installation
single channel video projection, infinite loop, colour, sound; booklets; audio piece, 36″
© the artist

Samanta Batra Mehta

The Grammar of Longing, 2011

installation: period typewriters (1938-1952), pages from an original antiquarian book (1912), india ink, 22k gold leaf.

typewriters: 32 x 47 x 74 cm each
drawings: 21.5 x 28 cm each
© the artist

Mauro Restiffe
Mirante #5, 2010
gelatin silver print
137 x 206 cm
© the artist

Stampa ai sali d’argento
137 x 206 cm
© l’artista

Raghubir Singh
Pavement Mirror Shop, Howrah, West Bengal, 1991
25 x 37 cm
© Succession Raghubir Singh

Ketaki Sheth
Ridhi and Sidhi, Norbury, London, 1997
gelatin silver print
78,5 x 78,5 cm
© the artist

Amar Kanwar

A Love Story, 2010

Video, colore, sonoro, 5’37”
camera: Dilip Varma
editing: Sameera Jain
Commissioned by LUX and the Independent Cinema Office, UK

© the artist