18th June | 31st July 2011

International Departures 2011

International Departures 2011

Gate 11, Special, Air

With International Departures, the Fondazione Fotografia presents an exhibition appointment entirely dedicated to young artists both from Italy and around Europe.
On display there are in fact three different projects: Gate 11, an exhibition dedicated to the students of photography from the prestigious European institutes of education; Special, a purchasing programme linked to the contemporary photography collection of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Modena; and AIR, an artist-in-residence exchange programme operative since last autumn in collaboration with Scotland’s Centre for Photography in Edinburgh.

Overall, the exhibition brings together the works of 19 young artists: for some of them, who have already begun to make inroads on the contemporary arts scene, the experience is set to enhance a curriculum vitae which already features previous exhibition experiences; for others the event constitutes the very first event in an institutional environment.
Be as it may, the experience constitutes an extraordinary opportunity to “take off”, as suggested by the very name of the event, and gain recognition at an international level, thank to the chance to exhibit alongside colleagues from all over Europe in a space which has come to be identify in Italy as a key reference point for contemporary imagery.

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