12th December | 21st March 2010

History Memory Identity

History Memory Identity

Contemporary photography from the Eastern Europe

The exhibition presents the new international photography acquisitions of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena as a apart of the Fondazione Fotografia project. After having shown preference for the art scene of the Far East and South-East Asia with Asian Dub Photography, attention is now paid to Eastern Europe.

The show gathers the work of twenty-nine artists from eighteen different countries – from Balkans to the Baltic nations, from Central Europe to Turkey and the Russian Federation. Artists totally aware of the fundamental role that the artist today plays through his or her own experiences in determining a new collective national identity difficult to shape and which many of these countries wish to elaborate by looking to the future without erasing the past.

The heterogeneous selection offers a clear interpretation of contemporary reality through the language of images which, in this specific part of the world, cannot avoid a reflection on the themes of history, of memory and of identity.


Swetlana Heger

Animal Farm, 2007
black and white pigment prints, coloured frames

52,5 x 42,5 cm
© the artist

Július Koller
U.F.O.-naut J.K. (U.F.O.), 1970
gelatin silver print
48 x 35 cm
© the artist

Jitka Hanzlová

Vielsalm Series, 1999
27 x 17,8 cm
© the artist

Anetta Mona Chişa – Lucia Tkáčová

Monument to Yesterday, 2008
colour video, silent
© the artist

Aleksander Petlura
The empire of things 14A, 2000
100 x 140 cm
© the artist

Adrian Paci

Centro di Permanenza Temporanea, 2007
127 x 147 cm
© the artist


NSK Garda Sarajevo

in collaboration with Bosnian Army

Sarajevo Winter Festival, 8 February 2006
Iris print, 71 x 51 cm
photo Igor Andjelic
© the artist

Anastasia Khoroshilova

Russkie 47, 2007
100 x 125 cm
© the artist

Zbigniew Libera

LEGO Concetration Camp, 1996
27 x 40 cm
© the artist

Alexandra Croitoru

ROM_, 2004
45 x 67 cm
© the artist

Maja Bajević

How do you want to be governed?, 2009
single-channel video on monitor

colour, sound
© the artist

Marika Asatiani

untitled, 2006
from the series “Achara”
109 x 70 cm
© the artist