July 9 - September 6, 2015

Strange Worlds

Strange Worlds

Works from the collection

The Fondazione Fotografia is happy to announce that the Modena Foro Boario will be open all throughout the summer season: from July 9 to September 6 the venue is going to host Strange Worlds, a new exhibition featuring works from the Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Modena collection. The exhibition is organized in association with the Municipality of Modena, as part of the summer program of initiatives related to Expo 2015.

Conceived by Filippo Maggia, Director of the Fondazione Fotografia, Strange Worlds features 70 works – photographs, videos and installations – by 26 international artists: Claudia Andujar (Switzerland/Brasil), Philip Kwame Apagya (Ghana), Marika Asatiani (Georgia), Yto Barrada (France), Jodi Bieber (Southafrica), Nikhil Chopra (India), Cao Fei (China), Yang Fudong (China), Laura Glusman (Argentine), David Goldblatt (Southafrica), Pieter Hugo (Southafrica), Amar Kanwar (India), Anastasia Khoroshilova (Russia), Goddy Leye (Camerun), Ma Liuming (China), Daniel Naudè (Southafrica), George Osodi (Nigeria), Marco Pando (Peru), Rosangela Renno (Brasil), Mauro Restiffe (Brasil), Ahlam Shibli (Palestine), Raghubir Singh (India), Mikhael Subotzky (Southafrica), Sebastian Szyd (Argentine), Guy Tillim (Southafrica), David Zynk Yi (Peru).

The exhibition deals with the representation of different worlds, may be near or far, where unusual stories are brought about by social, cultural, or religious context.  According to the curator Filippo Maggia, “images on display create an exciting sequence of faces and traditions, an interactive mosaic, which is indeed the real and ultimate picture of our times”.