29th March | 24th May 2009



Basilico, Fontana, Ghirri, Jodice, Vaccari

Gabriele Basilico, Franco Fontana, Luigi Ghirri, Mimmo Jodice e Franco Vaccari are the milestones of contemporary Italian photography. Each of them has followed a distinct career path and, over time, each has developed a unique, independent style. Many of these images have become authentic icons and specific points of reference for the development of the language of photography in Italy, providing countless photographers of younger generations with stimuli for analysis and reflection as well as fundamental precept: to look at the world not only in order to record it but also to develop an interpretation through the multiform code of images  capable of highlighting the effects of the process that have been constantly underway in Italy and the world as a whole since the 1970s, radically altering both the natural and the man-made landscape, the countryside and the city, and changing our way of perceiving realty.

Ex Ospedale Sant’Agostino
Largo Porta Sant’Agostino, 228
41121 Modena, Italy

curated by
Filippo Maggia