8th January | 14th April 2013

Walter Niedermayr. Appearances

Walter Niedermayr. Appearances

La Filature, Mulhouse, France

The show intends to present the recent artwork of Walter Niedermayr, mostly realized between 2006 and 2009. The new important chapter of Niedermayr’s work concerning the exploration of Iran (2005/2008) will face his latest production within his wide research about mountain landscape. Questions about image perception are again an essential part of his work.

Since the ‘80s Walter Niedermayr has been investigating the relationship between man and mountain environment, as well as the huge modification of the territory due to the growing phenomenon of mass tourism and its effects, evident both in terms of human presence and infrastructure building. Apparently spectacular, these works create in the viewer a sort of disorientation, leading to questions about the landscape perception and the effects of the human action on the natural setting (see St.Anton am Arlberg crest overrun by a group of skiers, or the wild urbanisation of Les Deux Alpes disfiguring the mountain landscape).

In his series about Iran, Niedermayr sought to bring into focus the history of an advanced culture along with the current state of this fascinating country. How is a 5,000-years-old cultural history expressed in the present?  In his serial works, he investigates the Iranian landscape developed since Islamic revolution of 1979 – strongly characterized by Western influence – and its relationship with the cultural sites and architecture of ancient Persia, pointing out possible connections between past and present.

Some works from his most known recent projects – Bildraum and Raumfolgen – will complete the path, offering a short overview of Niedermayr’s research about architecture and space perception.

La Filature, Scène nationale

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