Fondazione Fotografia
and Sky Arte HD
present three new exciting projects
for 2015/2016


/ International Photography Prize

/ Under-40 Italian Photography Prize

/ Foto Factory Modena


Fondazione Fotografia Modena and the Italian TV channel Sky Arte HD, in partnership with UniCredit,
are organizing a new International Photography Prize, the first edition of which is scheduled for March 2016.
The Prize is awarded every two years to a living photographer of any nationality, whose artistic research
has made a significant contribution to the development of the language of imagery in any of its multifaceted
declinations. Each edition of the Prize is dedicated to a different theme, linked to the current moment
and thus one of particular interest to contemporary artists. The first edition of the Prize will deal
with the theme of Identity.

The list of candidates will be nominate by twelve photography experts representing prestigious
international institutions, each asked to present the names of two artists and to motivate their choices.
This initial group of 24 nominations will then be enlarged by five more candidates nominated
by the Advisory Board of the Fondazione Fotografia Modena, giving a maximum total of 29 candidatures.

The winner will receive 70,000 Euros in prize money. Coinciding with the award ceremony, the Fondazione
Fotografia Modena will present a solo exhibition of the works of the winning photographer.
Sky Arte HD will also produce two special shows narrating the various stages of the prize, from the initial
selection process to the award ceremony and exhibition of the winner’s works.

In parallel to the International Photography Prize, the Fondazione Fotografia Modena and Sky Arte HD
promote a Photography Award especially devoted to emerging Italian artists working with the medium
of photography and imaging art. The Under-40 Award is granted every two years and has no preordained
theme. All Italian artists are invited to take part in the call for entries, submitting an artistic project
produced over the previous two years.

The prize consists of the sum of 15,000 Euros, and the chosen project will become part of the Foundation’s
photography collection. In conjunction with the award ceremony, an exhibition of the work of the award
winner will be staged at the Fondazione Fotografia Modena and a special broadcast on the prize and
the award winner will be produced by Sky Arte HD.
The award winner will be chosen by the same jury as that of the International Prize, from a group
of 10 projects selected by the Fondazione Fotografia Modena.

Scheduled to be broadcasted in Fall 2015, Foto Factory Modena is a tv program conceived as a series of 6 tutorials
for a photography class. The aim of the project is to offer a panoramic view on the classic and main issues
of photographic practice: portrait, landscape, reportage, and much more …

The shootings will be held in the frame of Fondazione Fotografia Modena educational venue, involving
a class of 9 students specifically selected. All of them will have the opportunity to learn from a master
of Italian photography (Pino Musi, Vincenzo Castella, Toni Thorimbert, Davide Monteleone, Francesca Moscheni,
Mario Cresci), who will deal in each episode with a different genre of photography.