“It was then I began to understand that everything in the room had stopped, like the watch and the clock, a long time ago. I noticed that Miss Havisham put down the jewel exactly on the spot from which she had taken it up. (…) I glanced at the dressing-table again, and saw that the shoe upon it, once white, now yellow, had never been worn. I glanced down at the foot from which the shoe was absent, and saw that the silk stocking on it, once white, now yellow, had been trodden ragged. Without this arrest of everything, this standing still of all the pale decayed objects, not even the withered bridal dress on the collapsed form could have looked so like grave-clothes, or the long veil so like a shroud”.

Charles Dickens, Great expectations.


CAMILLE (2017)


«Who are you, Camille? Where are you from? »

«I’m the little sister you would have met at the fork of the trails, if you would have followed the rain.

I’m your luminous double, the hybrid creature who transcends boundaries, the identity that can’t be nailed down with pins and definitions; I’m the one who crosses borders and moves through dimensions, between the visible and the ultraviolet.

I’m cold, I sit on the shore and cry for nostalgia of the stars I lost too soon.

Stay close to me, warm my hands and listen to my dreams. »


So I met Camille, in my garden, at night, where she couldn’t be, and I answered her call.


Prisca Magnani, Camille, 2017, inkjet print
Prisca Magnani, Camille, 2017, inkjet print
Prisca Magnani, Camille, 2017, inkjet print
Prisca Magnani, Miss Havisham, 2016, gelatin silver print