1995, Modena


Somewhere, alone, lost in an unknown place, a place with is both outside and inside ourselves. Images are like the memories of a dream: out of focus, without details, they slip away. The constant need for research is personified in the movements of the light, dancing in the darkness. Neither light nor shade can exist without the other, for they contaminate one another constantly: dirty blackness and the purity of light, which in turn sears through the oblivion of darkness.

The video Somewhere sets out to investigate these aspects, along with the ambivalence of the human soul: they all have a dark side to them and none are completely free of light, yet each may decide what to show of itself, if it is capable of doing so. Darkness may crush and oppress, hiding our greatest fears. It may also be a world of potential and silence: a way of seeing without opening our eyes, into those abysses which we enter only rarely. The night leaves profound marks, not always happy but at any rate indelible, like scars that never heal.


Nature is a way of finding my inner peaceful state and a way of reflecting on life. It is the escape from the city life that drags me and rejects me. Just one day spent in the nature and I feel in peace again, I find myself again, the better person I am, and the strength of life running through my veins. I absorb the energies of nature that surrounds me and I join it. In my images I seek a precise order, peacefulness and rest from my inner chaos and from the one of the external world. It is for me as finding the good in a rotten apple. It is a world that attracts me inevitably, a shelter, another mother.

It is like showing my bones and my bowels, as if I exhibit the most vulnerable part of me: my fears, my weaknesses and all my flaws. This work isn’t about nature, but about myself and my relationship with my relationship with reality through it. All my imperfections and the ones of reality, the things I can’t achieve, the deceived hopes, basically life.

This is for me nature, a way of changing myself and the world.


Giulia Fini, Somewhere, 2016, still from video
Giulia Fini, Somewhere, 2016, still from video
Giulia Fini, Finding beauty in imperfection, 2015, inkjet print
Giulia Fini, Finding beauty in imperfection, 2015, inkjet print