1985, Livorno (LI)


Extimità is the core concept of my research, still in progress.

In every real dimension there is a line marking the relationship between inside and outside. They converge, but their contact is at the same time a separation. There is in this way the inside of the body and the outside of the world: the border falls down when the relationship between the two elements becomes a dialogue that redefines the reality as a single entity. Extimacy makethe inner part of ourselves evident, it is the relationship of the subject with his own structure, the attempt and the will of establishing an exchange between inside and outside for a deeper knowledge of the self: the dialectical approach to intimacy as both internal essence and relationship with the other.




Every existing thing is impermanent and witnesses the continuous transformation of the world.

Impermanence is the nature of things and images have the potential to re-immerse the viewer into something that no longer exists, activating a mental and physical feeling connected to the essence of things and their surfaces.

A precise slice of life, an analytical look, a chosen and almost catalogued time based on the emotional temperature that lives in every single image. In perceiving the essence of the thing in itself, I have been trying to enter its physical being photographically; to feel and stop what does not persist.


Silvia Gelli, Impermanence, 2017, inkjet print
Silvia Gelli, Impermanence, 2017, inkjet print
Silvia Gelli, Extimità, 2016, c-print