1985, Lanciano (CH)


The maps have ancient origins and have allowed man to orient himself in the existing physical world, to broaden his knowledge, giving him the chance to explore the earth and to influence the very order of the world itself.

The planisphere becomes a mental map and allows man to overcome the entire earth surface. It is the same in Oltreuomo.
The map used is the political one, which through its representation shows us the centres of economic, political and cultural power. For it is man that has created it on the basis of his own conventions, pursuing the aim of conquering the world and providing us with a map showing the world order.
The political planisphere gives voice to memory, enveloping images that are part of our collectiveness. Oltreuomo has been pieced back together on the basis of given combinations, with repetitive gestures, and making use of a single element: the matchstick. This is an everyday object which takes on a strong symbolic value, withholding the destructive power of fire and the vivifying force of light, the very symbol of learning and knowledge.



Valentina Leonelli, Beyond Man, 2015, installation, matchsticks and alluminium sheet, 100×160 cm
Valentina Leonelli, Oltreuomo, 2015, installation detail
Valentina Leonelli, ETERE, 2014, inkjet print, 23×23 cm
Valentina Leonelli, ETERE, 2014, inkjet print, 23×23 cm