24/25/26 marzo 2017


Face the water: aquatic observations

Workshop con Francesca Rivetti


Face the water: aquatic observations

The sea is a real passion for Francesca Rivetti. In the last years she focused her artistic research on her interest on this huge and deep reality. Apnea and swimming instructor for passion, she specialized in Apnea Mental Training Techniques. Her approach with water is something spiritual. “Human body is 70% water, as the most part of the earth is covered by water” she says. “This is a so absolute element that seems trivial to remind that is the strongest solvent: less expected is to identify it as an emotional instrument”. Since ever water is a mystery, place of the unconscious, source of life.

The workshop will be arranged in three different moment.

Friday. Incoming, introduction, theoretical issues.

Saturday. Explorative and inspiring phase, discussing about this essential element searching for water in every form: river, drops, glasses, fountains, bath tub, developing tank. The theoretical issues will complete the work, examining teacher’s and contemporary’s artworks. Finally discussion about the most sophisticated techniques to reproduce water in photos and videos.

Sunday. A practical exercise will complete the workshop. Choral discussion.


24/25/26 marzo 2017


via Giardini 160


300 euro

scarica la scheda di iscrizione
Terms and conditions

Il workshop prevede un numero minimo di 7 e massimo di 15 partecipanti.
Le iscrizioni avvengono per ordine di arrivo, fino ad esaurimento posti.
Durata: 2 giorni e mezzo

Enrloment procedure

La scheda di iscrizione va inviata via e-mail all'indirizzo formazione@fondazionefotografia.org

Necessary equipment and materials

Attrezzatura fotografica tradizionale o, facoltativo, device impermeabile; treppiede;
Portfolio cartaceo o digitale: minimo 7 immagini.
Sarà messa a disposizione dei partecipanti l'aula computer della sede didattica per la fase di editing e postproduzione (disponibili i software Adobe CC 2017)


1972, Milano

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